hg status [OPTION]... [FILE]...

aliases: st

show changed files in the working directory

    Show status of files in the repository. If names are given, only files
    that match are shown. Files that are clean or ignored or the source of a
    copy/move operation, are not listed unless -c/--clean, -i/--ignored,
    -C/--copies or -A/--all are given. Unless options described with "show
    only ..." are given, the options -mardu are used.

    Option -q/--quiet hides untracked (unknown and ignored) files unless
    explicitly requested with -u/--unknown or -i/--ignored.

       status may appear to disagree with diff if permissions have changed or
       a merge has occurred. The standard diff format does not report
       permission changes and diff only reports changes relative to one merge

    If one revision is given, it is used as the base revision. If two
    revisions are given, the differences between them are shown. The --change
    option can also be used as a shortcut to list the changed files of a
    revision from its first parent.

    The codes used to show the status of files are:

      M = modified
      A = added
      R = removed
      C = clean
      ! = missing (deleted by non-hg command, but still tracked)
      ? = not tracked
      I = ignored
        = origin of the previous file listed as A (added)

    Returns 0 on success.


 -A --all                 show status of all files
 -m --modified            show only modified files
 -a --added               show only added files
 -r --removed             show only removed files
 -d --deleted             show only deleted (but tracked) files
 -c --clean               show only files without changes
 -u --unknown             show only unknown (not tracked) files
 -i --ignored             show only ignored files
 -n --no-status           hide status prefix
 -C --copies              show source of copied files
 -0 --print0              end filenames with NUL, for use with xargs
    --rev REV [+]         show difference from revision
    --change REV          list the changed files of a revision
 -I --include PATTERN [+] include names matching the given patterns
 -X --exclude PATTERN [+] exclude names matching the given patterns
 -S --subrepos            recurse into subrepositories

[+] marked option can be specified multiple times

use "hg -v help status" to show more info