Configuring hgweb

    Mercurial's internal web server, hgweb, can serve either a single
    repository, or a collection of them. In the latter case, a special
    configuration file can be used to specify the repository paths to use and
    global web configuration options.

    This file uses the same syntax as other Mercurial configuration files, but
    only the following sections are recognized:

      - web
      - paths
      - collections

    The "web" section can specify all the settings described in the web
    section of the hgrc(5) documentation. See "hg help config" for information
    on where to find the manual page.

    The "paths" section provides mappings of physical repository paths to
    virtual ones. For instance:

      projects/a = /foo/bar
      projects/b = /baz/quux
      web/root = /real/root/*
      / = /real/root2/*
      virtual/root2 = /real/root2/**

    - The first two entries make two repositories in different directories
      appear under the same directory in the web interface
    - The third entry maps every Mercurial repository found in '/real/root'
      into 'web/root'. This format is preferred over the [collections] one,
      since using absolute paths as configuration keys is not supported on
      every platform (especially on Windows).
    - The fourth entry is a special case mapping all repositories in
      '/real/root2' in the root of the virtual directory.
    - The fifth entry recursively finds all repositories under the real root,
      and maps their relative paths under the virtual root.

    The "collections" section provides mappings of trees of physical
    repositories paths to virtual ones, though the paths syntax is generally
    preferred. For instance:

      /foo = /foo

    Here, the left side will be stripped off all repositories found in the
    right side. Thus "/foo/bar" and "foo/quux/baz" will be listed as "bar" and
    "quux/baz" respectively.