hg graft [OPTION]... REVISION...

copy changes from other branches onto the current branch

    This command uses Mercurial's merge logic to copy individual changes from
    other branches without merging branches in the history graph. This is
    sometimes known as 'backporting' or 'cherry-picking'. By default, graft
    will copy user, date, and description from the source changesets.

    Changesets that are ancestors of the current revision, that have already
    been grafted, or that are merges will be skipped.

    If a graft merge results in conflicts, the graft process is interrupted so
    that the current merge can be manually resolved. Once all conflicts are
    addressed, the graft process can be continued with the -c/--continue

      The -c/--continue option does not reapply earlier options.

    Returns 0 on successful completion.


 -c --continue    resume interrupted graft
 -e --edit        invoke editor on commit messages
 -D --currentdate record the current date as commit date
 -U --currentuser record the current user as committer
 -d --date DATE   record the specified date as commit date
 -u --user USER   record the specified user as committer
 -t --tool VALUE  specify merge tool
 -n --dry-run     do not perform actions, just print output

use "hg -v help graft" to show more info